Description: This :30 promo video was produced for Meadow Park Church of God to promote its teaching series, titled, #Together.

Description: The mini-documentary (below) produced for Dr. Jennifer Gonya, researcher neonatal NICU, shows the importance of Kangaroo Care (skin-on-skin contact between infants and parents). Through Kangaroo Care, critically premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit receive the care and bonding they need to overcome a difficult start to life and live happy, successful lives, showing that Human Touch Matters.

Description: This Demo Reel (below) demonstrates a variety of stories I filmed during my digital cinematography classes at Full Sail University. Determination, hope and joy – those are the stories I’ve had the privilege of telling through the creative medium of video, and those are the stories that I hope to continue telling, with the desire to uplift and inspire those who view them.